Zenfolio | Bo Struye Photos | Thursday: Sailing, hiking, beach
Today was nice and breezy so we headed out to the beach and decided to rent a catamaran to get a little bit of sailing back into our lives. The swell was 3 to 4 feet which made it pretty exciting and the wind was blowing 15 to 20 knots. So had a fantastic time zooming up and down the coast trying to avoid the shark nets. I've herd that a capsized boat scares the sharks away because of its size but nonetheless I wasn't too anxious to test the theory. So we sailed relatively conservatively, trying to get as much excitement out of it while staying above the water as much as possible.
After that we checked out a wedding on the beach. Complete with dead bodies in the foreground.
Then, it was time for a classic Aussie lunch of met pies and Lift on a beach bench. Finally we took a hike to Tea Tree beach where we saw the Australian equivalent of the US junior lifeguards. Here they start at 8 years old and are called the nippers. They all wear pink shirts so they can be seen from far away. Even at that age, they are taken paddling out at sea on their own which is pretty darn impressive.