Zenfolio | Bo Struye Photos | Tuesday 6: Flight to Noosa & Melbourne Cup
Today we fly out to Noosa. This is a wonderful little town nestled in the middle of the appropriately named Sunshine Coast. Lorraine (Winston's most gracious host) has an amazing house there and invited us to take advantage of it. The place is insane. It is literally perched at the top of the road leading to Noosa national park and is surrounded by tall trees, wild (and loud) birds of all confessions and with a spectacular view of the bay. After that, we went back to the town to watch people celebrate the Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is the biggest horse race of the year in Australia. It actually is a national holiday even though it always happens on a Tuesday. Australians love an excuse to party is this is a great opportunity. So ladies get dressed up to the max, and everyone watches the race on tv. Even though we are in Noosa, 1600km away from Melbourne, the party was raging. Here are a few of the participants.