Bo Struye Photos: Blog en-us BoStruye/Photos (Bo Struye Photos) Mon, 16 Mar 2015 02:24:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2015 02:24:00 GMT Bo Struye Photos: Blog 83 120 St Patrick's Day in Vancouver As mentioned elsewhere, I am currently doing a travel photo blog on Instagram.  If you have the app on your phone you can simply follow @bostruye or, if not, go to

One of the limitation of Instagram is that videos are limited to 15 seconds.  Sometimes that is ok, sometimes is to too limiting.  This is when it is good to come back to a standard web site.  Today was St Patrick's day here in Vancouver.  

I had talked to the guys from the Delta Police Pipe Band at the parade and they told me they would be doing a private performance at Mahony’s, next to the harbour later on.  If the sound of bagpipes marching right next to you is impressive when you hear them outdoors, wait until you hear the full band indoors in an Irish pub!  The deafening sound reverberates everywhere and make your inside vibrate to the core.
This was much to the delight of the locals who couldn’t believe their ears.  It was completely awesome!
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Vancouver ! The long radio silence is not because of inactivity.  Rather the opposite.  Mostly dealing with the motion picture part of my life, so not of much interest for this site.

However, I have been working on a project in Vancouver, Canada.  And I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to test a much more portable approach to photography.  So I am only using the small but amazing Fuji X30 camera and posting the results on Instagram.  That's right, the iPhone / iPad (or Android copies thereof) only, square format, low rez photo sharing community.  I am focusing on the visual storytelling side of the challenge for this one.  If you are interested, you can follow the adventure here:  (And, no, I don't use any of their ridicoulous filters.)

In the meantime, this here website is still a great resource for higher level of image posting.  So here is a view from the Burrard bridge facing west.   It took about an hour and a half of looking for the right spot and waiting for the right light and the right action.  In this case, the rare occurence of having 3 of the mini ferries serving the same dropoff spot at the foot of the Vancouver Aquatic center on the right bank at the same time.  Almost directly above that, in the distance, you can see the lights of the Cypress Mountain ski resort which is open until 10pm.  And straight ahead over the horizon is Vancouver island.  

As always, click on the image for a larger view


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Drummer drumming I had a chance to design and photograph a shot for a good friend of mine who is a very successful drummer.  He wanted an image that was music related for his living room.  We bounced a few ideas around from shooting a band live to shooting a rehearsal of a smaller jazz band when I realized that it would cooler to do something that was directly related to him personally.  And I did not want to do the standard music magazine shot but rather something that conveyed the speed, energy and fast pace of the drummer in action.  So I decided to do a hommage to Gjon Mili's famous series of photographs of Gene Krupa in Time Life 1941.

But in order to make it work better in this living room I turned things around a bit.  We shot the whole thing in his garage after securing a tripod mount in the rafters.  Took about 3 days to set up, test, and then then clean up the image.  Here is the result:


For good measure, here is a quick n dirty iPhone shot of the set up:

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Exhibition extended! Good news.  The South Bay Contemporary Gallery asked me to extend the Silver Hill exhibition until the end of next week which will be October 12.


I won't be there everyday but feel free to email or call me if you want to meet there at some point!


550 Deep Valley Drive, #261 (right under the Regal Cinemas 13)

Rolling Hills Estates, CA  90274
Phone: (310) 429-0973
Tuesday thru Friday       1:00 - 6 pm
Saturday                       11:00  - 6 pm
Sunday                      12 noon - 4  pm
Closed Monday
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Silver Hills exhibition opening We had a great opening reception last night for the Silver Hills exhibition.  Thank you to all that came!  And thank you to While Foods Torrance and the Palos Verdes Land Conservancy for their contributions.

Peggy Zask or the South Bay Contemporary gallery asked that we extend the duration so instead of today being the last of our original three days, the exhibition will continue an extra week until Sunday October 5.

Here are a few images:

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New 3 day exhibition September 26-28 It has been a while since I had an exhibition.  And I have been working on a new series called the Silver Series so I thought this would make a interesting collection to display.  So I will be exhibiting this for 3 days only at the South Bay Contemporary gallery in the Promenade of the Peninsula.  They have moved into the old Borders / PV Art Center space, (right under the Regal Cinema 13) which is big and airy and perfect for this.

This new collection takes a unique look at the Palos Verdes Peninsula and its weather.

All of these canvas prints will be available at the show.  Since I have done a lot of work for the PV Land Conservancy, I decided to continue this and donate part of the proceeds to that amazing organisation which has done so much work to preserve the natural environment of the hill.

I will also have one of the (very) large custom panoramic images I have done for a private home, a 12 foot wide night shot of the hill seen from the end of the Redondo Pier.

This will all happen Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the last weekend of September (26-28).  We will be open from 1 to 6pm and we will have a reception on Saturday the 27 from 5 to 8 pm.  I hope to see you there.

Address: 550 Deep Valley drive #261, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

Here is a link to some of the images.  

And here is the invitation:

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Beer! Many new images created, way too little time to publish them at large.

ButI had a few minutes so I thought I would at least show this recent set, if nothing else for its pure entrainment value.  I recently have been working on new series on Belgian beer, in part to reminisce about my own origins.  So here are a few pics I did in the last couple of weeks.  (The astute observers will of course notice that one of those is not Belgium related of course)





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New panoramic images of Palos Verdes I recently shot a few new images for personal clients.  These tend to depict various unusual angles of the peninsula.  The first is a night time view seen from the Redondo Beach break wall.  The second is the lesser known Vicente Point cove.

I have added them to my collection on the web site.



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Moon eclipse Good grief.  It has been ages since I updated this blog.  Too many irons in the fire.  I will have to go and fill those gaps asap.
But we had that little moon eclipse last night.  So I thought I would try and get some images.  Not easy to find a way to shoot it in a interesting way. So, just to get it out of the way, first is the obligatory telephoto shot.  With Mars to its side.
But then the more interesting sequence shot.  As you can see, unlike a sun eclipse, the moon never gets completely dark as it still gets some rays of the sun that are bending around the earth.  The atmosphere filters out the blue light leaving only the reddish rays to hit the moon.  It is still much darker than when it is hit directly by the sun, obviously, which required some exposure acrobatics to make them all readable on one image.
These shots were taken at 15 minute intervals so this sequence covers about 4.5 hours from about 10:30pm to 3am
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American Indian Pow Wow in Long Beach This weekend was the annual American Indian Pow Wow at Long Beach State. Really amazing event. A rare opportunity to see the original nations of this country.

No camera with me but a quick iPhone video:

... and a few quick iPhone photos:


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New images in my Action Sequence series Over the last few years I have been developing a technique to capture a slice of time on a single wide panoramic image.  I finally decided to put several of them on their own page on this web site.  These cover many different sports or physical activities.  These are ideal not only for personal portraits but also for sports or health clubs.

ray biking B pano v4 flare 2ray biking B pano v4 flare 2

More images by clicking here:


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The Pacific Club I was asked to take a few images of The Pacific Club.  "The Pacific Club is a private club located in Newport Beach, California, dedicated to serving and supporting the business, social, and leisure-time activities of its members in an environment that is elegant, comfortable, and professional."

So I went up at the right time of the day to try and capture the club in its best light.

dawn pano 2 pano v3 flatdawn pano 2 pano v3 flat


rt side pano v1rt side pano v1

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New Porsche 911 Carrera in action I just finished working on a couple of movies at Sony Pictures which took a good deal of time over the last few months.  That is over now and I recently had to chance to photograph a brand new Porsche 911 Carrera.  Bertrand Cordier and I spent a few hours getting some good shots of this fantastic automobile.  



Bertrand_exit v4





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A 20 foot wide custom panorama for an new home's entryway. A couple of months ago, I was asked to come up with a suggestion for a new homeowner's entryway.  A stairwell was directly opposite the front door and that wall plus the two side ones offered a great empty canvas.

So I decided to go to his favorite surf spot and, over the next couple of weeks find the right day for a great looking sky and light.  I found a weathered tree trunk on the shore which I moved so that the waves would crash over it in the foreground.  Then I set up the shot so that the open ocean would be on the center wall and the cliffs would flank it on each side wall.

With one panel measuring 6 feet by 4 feet and the other two panels coming in at 7 feet wide, it took some efforts to get it printed, mounted and hung up the walls.  The printing was done by Victory Display in Gardena.  But now, each time he comes home at night, he is greeted by a great surrounding scene that takes him back to his favorite surf spot.


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Victory at Redondo Today, a pretty serious wind storm descended upon Southern California.  30 to 40 knots wind on the ocean created serious wave action up and down the coast.  Wave size was between 7 and 10 feet on the faces.  Nothing useable for surf as it was classic "Victory at Sea" conditions but it sure put the piers and breakwaters to the ultimate test.

So I headed to Redondo Beach to shoot some of the explosive action.


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Anatomy of a soccer goal in the making I've been working on several "panoramic story" images for a while now.  The idea is to tell a little story that happens over a period of time instead of in one instant on a single image.  I've done several on surfing (one of which won the International Epson Panorama award) and here is one I have done on a soccer game.  This is a field goal that is taken, a player jumps over the others and heads the ball straight into the net.

Here is the complete image.  Since it may be hard to see on the screen, I've also added closeups of three sections: the kick, the header and the arrival in the goal.


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How one form of "art" can provide a spark for another.  

The photo of Kristin Martin's lovely 1955 Studebaker I posted a couple of weeks ago was posted by Kristin on her own blog here.  In her comments she asked people to "write their own story" about the photo.  Jeff Borrowman, the GearHead Skeptic all the way from Calgary Alberta, jumped at the opportunity and came up with a great story.  I couldn't resist posting it here, with his permission, along with the photo.

Visit Jeff's ponderings about life and the oily bits on his really cool blog at


They underestimated her from the start. Just like she’d planned.

She was just some girl that arrived in some old pink jalopy. Sure, she was a little out of place in this part of town, what with her painted finger nails and high heels, but she was nothing to worry about. if they’d taken a second look, they would have seen the grease at the edges of those painted nails and known that everything was not as it appeared, but they were too focused on the deal at the far side of the bar room to pay attention to some girl sitting alone at the bar. This was business hours.
“You bring it?” he growled to Sam, barely sounding human.
“You know I did.” Sam replied. “But the price has gone up. Doubled, in fact. Inflation’s a bitch.”
“Don’t play with me, son.” The growl came back from under the wide brimmed hat. “You’re out numbered and too far into my side of town to play games. Now hand it over.”
Sam heard the click of a .45 somewhere in the room. Somewhere close. The girl snapped her pocket book shut and kept her eyes on her drink, but her ear on Sam. Still unnoticed, she slid one leg down off her bar stool, and planted a heeled foot squarely on the floor.
“Son,” the growl was cold and flat. “You don’t understand. I make the deals here, not you. And I’m here to collect.”
Chairs scraped across wooden floor boards, steel flashed under a dim light and large men stepped out of dark shadows towards Sam. “Hey now,” Sam laughed nervously, raising his open hands up to his shoulders, “you can’t blame a guy for trying to renegotiate.”
In a flash, Sam’s right fist slammed into the nose under the wide brimmed hat. The shadow men rushed at Sam and the girl at the bar spun around on that heeled foot, driving an elbow into the teeth of the goon covering the door behind her. He folded like he was made of newspaper, and hit the floor hard. Painted, grease stained fingers wrapped around a pool cue as a gun shot rang out like a cannon inside the small bar room. Things were finally getting interesting.
* * * * * * * * * *
They underestimated her pink car too.
The straight, unmuffled pipes echoed off the concrete warehouse walls like machine gun fire as she sped away from them, her heeled foot flat to the floor boards. She gripped the wheel tightly and told herself to remember to breath and stick to the plan. Her knuckles were white with adrenaline, and smeared read with blood. On the Studebaker’s passenger seat sat the diamond that had been in Sam’s pocket minutes earlier, and a suitcase stuffed with 20 large she had liberated from an unconscious thug. The headlights in her rear view mirror started to drop farther and farther behind her as the Stude rocketed through the empty streets.
Through a connecting alley way, she caught a glimpse of two round tail lights speeding down a side street. Falcon tail lights. Sam.
She stuck to the plan and let the remaining thugs follow her around the warehouse district in their slow-ass sedan for a few minutes before ditching them, killing the headlights and heading out to the abandoned air strip to meet Sam.
By then, he would have gotten the hiding spots ready for the Falcon and the Studebaker and pushed the old plane out of the hanger. The last job of the night was that somebody would have to get that old plane’s engine to fire up.
And it sure as hell wasn’t going to be Sam.


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Stormy evening at the Long Beach docks. Storms are just awesome.  An infinite source of photographic opportunities for those who don't mind getting rain gear on for you ... and for the camera!

My friend Miguel works at the Long Beach docks so we headed out there looking to shoot some images of his 320HP all wheel drive Subaru STI in action.  Here is what we came up with.


PS:  As always, click on the image for a larger view.  And once there, click on Slideshow for an even larger one.


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One classic from the fifties and one from the sixties. This week I had the chance to shoot two spectacular but completely different rare automobiles from the sixties.  

First off was an amazing 1967 Ferrari 365GT.  With a ground up restoration under its belt, this car sounded like a beautiful 12 cylinder orchestra.  We found a real sweet location up in the valley and caught the late afternoon light just in time.


Next was a totally different experience.  Down to the dark alleys of Long Beach for a film noir in color!  And what a color it was.  A pinkish salmon 1955 Studebaker Champion.  Owned, maintained and driven by my friend Kristin Martin (GreaseGirl for those in the know) we set out to create a dark and moody feel with this one.

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Car fun in the city I've been doing more work to refine the car rig I have been developing.  We headed out to Long Beach with David Rajewski to do a few shots.  Here are a couple of fun ones.


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